Co-Founder / CTO

We are looking for a co-founder with extensive experience in software development and machine learning / data science, who is passionate about the idea of working independently and building their own company.

About Cultway

Every day, people spend countless hours making slides. We’re changing that. Our company is creating next-level business software that lets users quickly create professional presentations with the help of artificial intelligence.

Our web-based software turns plain text into engaging presentations in a matter of seconds. At the core of Cultway, we’re using the latest ML technology. To further enhance performance, we are looking to fine-tune an open source LLM soon.

Presentation software is a multi-billion market, which is currently disrupted by the advancements in generative AI. We are in the starting blocks to attract further investment in the next few weeks and build a fast-growing business.

You will co-found the startup with a former BCG consultant and user experience expert, who has a deep understanding for user requirements and has learned creating intuitive software at companies such as SAP and Amazon Web Services.


  • Front-end and back-end development: Lead the development of our web-based software, focusing on both front-end and back-end aspects.
  • Data collection and LLM tuning: Collect data and fine-tune open-source Large Language Models (LLMs) to expand product functionality.
  • Model maintenance and improvement: Maintain existing models and develop a pipeline to enhance them using customer data.
  • Recruitment and team management: Hire engineering staff, plan the technical product roadmap, and effectively manage the team
  • Product strategy: Keep updated with the latest technology and AI trends to contribute to the product strategy.
  • Startup representation: Foster partnerships, attend industry events, and promote the company's vision and achievements to stakeholders and the media.


  • Residency in Germany, preferably Berlin, and a valid work authorization (we cannot provide a sponsorship).
  • University degree with a specialization in Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics, Physics, Machine Learning or similar.
  • 2-3 years of professional experience, which may include founding a startup or being employed in a startup or a global tech company.
  • Strong passion for founding your own company, self-driven work style and resilience to thrive in fast-paced, ambiguous environments.
  • Fluent in German and/or English.


  • Substantial shares in a startup that has already gained initial success and is ready to raise pre-seed investment in a few weeks.
  • Opportunity to use your knowledge and creativity to drive your own business and build a product that will be used by thousands of people.
  • Working in a cool team and an unforgettable professional endeavour that you will tell your grandchildren about ;)

Please highlight in your application why you are interested in building your own company as a co-founder.

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