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About Glean

We’re on a mission to bring people the knowledge they need to make a difference in the world. 

Glean was founded by a seasoned team of former Google search and Facebook engineers, who wondered why we don’t have an easier way of finding what we need at work. In our personal lives, we have tools to help us find pretty much whatever we need. Why don’t we have that at work? And that was the beginning of Glean.

Glean is the best part of Google Search and ChatGPT combined! Our platform searches across all your company’s apps to help you find exactly what you need and discover the things you should know. We’re a diverse team of curious and creative people who want to help each other get big things done—so we can help other teams do the same. 

We're backed by some of the Silicon Valley's leading venture capitalists—including Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, Lightspeed, and General Catalyst—and have assembled a world-class team with senior leadership experience at Google, Slack, Facebook, Dropbox, Rubrik, Uber, Intercom, Pinterest, Palantir, and others.

About the role

The Solution Engineer role sits within the GTM organisation within the Japan; making you a trusted technical advisor of the local sales team, our partners, and our customers. You will work on many exciting projects with some of the most future-forward organisations; helping to guide the beginning of their Generative AI journeys.

At Glean, our Solution Engineers work with our customers to help them connect Glean to their most important decision-making platforms. These platforms include Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Jira, Confluence, Slack, GitHub, Zendesk, and everything in between! As an SE, you will work closely with our local Account Executives (AEs) and will be responsible for the technical success and delivery of our sales opportunities. Your role will include:

  • Performing interactive demonstrations of the Glean platform to prospective customers.
  • Educating the technical teams of our prospective customers on the architecture of the Glean platform. Specifically, articulating the “how” of how our solution works in the context of the customer landscape.
  • Scoping and executing sponsored pilot and Proof of Value (PoV) exercises to ensure the technical requirements and business objectives that the Glean solution provides are validated.
  • Educating and training our customers and partners on our product to ensure that they are set up for success.
  • Presenting at company sponsored events such as Google Cloud Next and AWS re:invent.
  • Liaising with Glean product managers and engineers to investigate issues, raise feature requests, and understand our future roadmap.


What we’re looking for

At Glean, we consider 3 critical dimensions for being a successful SE: (aha * wow) / t:

  • “aha” = Do you have a curious mind and are constantly trying to learn? Do you bring use cases/capabilities/ideas to light that either weren’t in play previously or undiscovered before your involvement? Do you inspire others with your passion for new ideas? Do you listen actively to the real problem during customer meetings?
  • “wow” = Do you bring the magic to your demos and presentations? Do you leave the audience wanting more whether than be online, in-person or at events? Are your demo’s on point, your meetings targeted and assets of the highest quality? Is your word your bond and you are trusted by others to deliver on time and within expectations?
  • “t” = The most precious commodity of all, time. Do you maximize your aha and wow by scaling yourself and others? Are you a multiplier and an amplifier of teammates and customers? Does your involvement in a deal or opportunity drive success for you and for others?

Glean expects you to be an innovative thinker who doesn’t settle for mediocrity or the status quo. Challenge yourself, us and customers to ensure we can all succeed in this new era of Gen AI-derived productivity.


What you will need

  • You will have a bachelor's degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field (or equivalent work experience). 
  • At least 2 years experience in enterprise software pre-sales and have used value-based discovery frameworks.
  • You possess excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to handle complex technical challenges.
  • You are able to explain complex technical concepts in layman’s terms to help educate and train our customers, prospects, and partners.
  • You are comfortable presenting, both virtually and in-person, 

Key knowledge and skills

  • Thrive in a customer-focused, tight-nit and cross-functional environment - being a team player and willing to take on whatever is most impactful for the company is a must.
  • A proactive and positive attitude to lead, learn, troubleshoot and take ownership of both small tasks and large features. We’re looking for SEs that take initiative, not ones that wait around to be assigned work.
  • Strong understanding and experience administering (or integrating with) popular SaaS tools such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, Asana (and more!)
  • Familiarity with cloud infrastructure (IaaS) platforms such as GCP, AWS, and Azure.
  • Familiarity with identity services and Single Sign-On (SSO) providers such as Azure/Entra ID, Okta, and protocols such as SAML, SCIM, and OIDC.
  • Familiarity with APIs including sending and receiving data from API endpoints, and how to troubleshoot issues.
  • Familiarity with security concepts and tools, e.g. Firewalls, VPNs, SSL/TLS, DLP, WAFs, and proxies.

Bonus points

  • Knowledge of one or more programming languages (e.g. Python, Java, Go)
  • Examples of something you have developed, created, or written about.
    • Do you have a profile on GitHub or a blog where you occasionally write? Show us!
    • Do you have a project that you have worked on at another company (that you can talk about) that you’re proud of? Tell us about it!
  • Knowledge of how a search engine like Google works (the core concepts of crawling, indexing, etc)
  • Knowledge of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) as it pertains to LLMs and Generative AI.

The most important tool in your technical toolbox will be the ability to explain the “how” at a conceptual level. You are not alone and will be supported by a more technical solutions architecture team for the truly deep conversations.

We are a diverse bunch of people and we want to continue to attract and retain a diverse range of people into our organization. We're committed to an inclusive and diverse company. We do not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, civil or family status, age, disability, or race.


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