Internship Program Autumn 2024

Why an Internship at Jina AI?

Our Internship Programme is designed to give students and fresh graduates a true insight into real enterprise experience. When joining us, you'll be immersed in a collaborative and innovative workplace. Throughout the internship, you'll assume real responsibilities, work on live projects, expand your professional network, and receive guidance and mentorship from our talented team.

What to expect?

This internship is designed to provide you with valuable hands-on experience, mentorship, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of AI.

Here is a quick overview on how your internship journey will look with us:

📅 Orientation and Welcome: On your first days, we will welcome you to our office and we will start the introduction and orientation to immerse you in our company culture, values, and mission. No need to worry about feeling lost – we've got your back with thorough training and onboarding, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to excel.

🤝 Introductions: You'll have the opportunity to meet and connect with key team members and department heads, which will help you to integrate more!

🚀 Real Projects from the Start: We'll set clear goals and performance expectations, providing you with a sense of direction and purpose throughout your internship, while working on a real project.

👥 Buddy or Mentor System: Of course, you will not do all these alone! We'll match you with a supportive buddy or mentor who will be your go-to guide, offering insights, feedback, and support every step of the way.

🗣️ Regular Check-ins and Feedback: Communication is key! We'll have regular check-ins to make sure you fill supported.

Who do we look for?

We embrace diversity and welcome individuals from various profiles and backgrounds. Our Internship Programme is available in the following departments:

- Engineering (Software engineering, web development, Machine Learning...)
- Design (Creative Design, UX/UI Designer, Content Creation...)
- Product Management
- Sales and Account Management
- Marketing, Events Manager
- Customer Satisfaction, Community Manager


Thank you for your interest in our Internship Programme! We appreciate your enthusiasm and are excited to welcome you into our dynamic team. We want to provide you with some important information regarding the application process and timeline.

If you are applying for a later internship season, rest assured that we will reach out to you as the time draws closer. Your application will be carefully reviewed when we begin the selection process for that specific season. We appreciate your patience as we handle applications in a timely manner to ensure fairness and consideration for all candidates.

While we appreciate every application, we may not be able to accept all candidates due to limited positions and specific requirements for each season. If your profile does not match our current needs, you will receive a rejection within the initial weeks after your application submission.

Our preferred duration of the internships is at least 4 -6 months to ensure you have ample time to delve deep into your role and maximize your learning.

🍁 Autumn Season: Secure your spot for September, October, or November

😊 Benefits & Perks

💰 Competitive salary
🌎 Multi-cultural & diverse team
🎓 Numerous opportunities to present/attend top AI/OSS/industry conference
🦄 Rapid career development opportunities alongside the company
🏢 Central office in downtown Berlin, Shenzhen, Beijing
⛱️ Free snacks & drinks, monthly team events, flexible working hours, home office options
💻 Macbooks & top-notch equipment
✉️ Recommendation letter

💼 Hiring Process

Candidates can expect the hiring process to follow the order below. Please keep in mind that candidates can be declined from the position at any stage of the process. 

- The first round is the CV screening, candidates will receive an email that contains a link for booking the next round. This process takes a maximum of one week.

- Qualified candidates will be invited to schedule a 30-minute screening call specifically on Zoom with one of our global recruiters.

- Next, candidates will be invited to a Team Peer Interview. During the interview, which will last 1 hour, the team will examine your fundamental knowledge and experience as well as your motivation to join Jina AI; If you are applying for an Engineering Internship, one should also expect a live-coding challenge in 10 to 15 minutes.

We will collect the feedback from all interviewers and make a decision in a maximum of two weeks (on average it takes 5 working days). Then the candidate will be invited to another 15-minute call with our recruiters to discuss the terms of the offer.
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